Crime, Jail, and Parkview focus of Council meeting

(December 5, 2006) Bob Guenzel, Washtenaw County Administrator, came before City Council on Tuesday to explain the jail overcrowding and to hear from Council and citizens the impacts it is having on Ypsilanti neighborhoods experiencing increased crime.

Watch Video of Ypsilanti City Council, December 5, 2006

Residents angrily voiced their concerns at a community meeting on November 21 demanding that elected official do something about the spike in crime.

Later in the meeting, Ypsilanti City Council went into closed session and emerged to vote on acquiring Parkview Apartments. Council agreed to work with the Ypsilanti Housing Commission to buy Parkview from Housing and Urban Development (HUD) at a substantially reduced rate, perhaps for as little as $100, and plans to create more government owned housing.

Parkiew is located in the Gateway area on the south side of Ypsilanti at Hamilton and I-94. There are 144 units in Parkview and currently less than 40% are habitable. The rest of the units are boarded up.

Mayor Paul Schreiber (Dem) has pledged that if the city is successful in acquiring Parkview, it would be put on the tax rolls at the full assessed value and the Housing Commission would pay property taxes at the full taxable rate.

The Housing Commission currently owns 197 units and paid about $6,500 in taxes to the city in 2005. The Housing Commission also manages an additional 200 Section 8 units in the city.

The City and Housing Commission are now planning to go toe to toe with Emmanuel Ku from New York who is also trying to buy Parkview. Ku won a HUD auction earlier this year for $2.7 million or about $18,000 per unit. Ku was ranked number three in a top 10 list of the worst landlords in New York City. (Read the report)

The City and Council will lobby Congressman John Dingell (Dem) to convince HUD to sell the property to the Housing Commission rather than Mr. Ku.


At December 09, 2006 9:43 PM, egpenet said...

I'm not in as much of a mood to rant as I was last night ... but my comment never got posted ... probably censored for being in bad taste.

Well, I am still opposed to the idea of the City being a slum landlord, and making money at it to boot. I am also opposed to heartstring liberalism which brought us urban reneewal and created counless black ghettos across the country. Instead of all families and all children being able to choose to live where they can afford to live, with or without assistance, we (upper class folks with and without tans)have effectively recreated shanty towns ... and we should be ashamed. I for one AM ashamed of what my race has done and continues to do to humiliate people with lovlier skin tones than my own. And after rebuilding Parkview ... what? ... a new and bigger jail! Sounds logical to me. Keep'em in one spot till they offend then lock'em up. Makes me sick.

At December 10, 2006 10:34 AM, Anonymous said...

This is one confused city! What's worse; bringing in a new slumlord or sticking with one that's tried and true? One would get the impression from going to any community meetings or talking to any resident that there is nothing in the world more evil than a landlord, responsible or not. Oh, wait.. that's right... good landlords are bad but we won't hesitate to elect one of the city's worst slumlords for mayor.

At December 10, 2006 11:17 AM, Anonymous said...

Please keep these issues coming. People need to be informed.


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