Bruner finalist for Ferndale manager job

(November 22, 2006) Ypsilanti Assistant City Manager Robert "Bob" Bruner is one of six finalists for the city manager position in Ferndale, Michigan. In a press release from Bruner announcing he is a finalist, Bruner noted that he would be the eighth Ypsilanti department director to leave the City in the 30 months since his predecessor Shannon Stumbo Bellers left in June 2004.

Managers that have left include Former Assistant City Manager Shannon Stumbo Bellers, Human Resources Director Shari Kirby, and Public Works Director Harry Hutchison. Former Police Chief George Basar retired to become Police Chief in Howell.

The chief architects behind the Water Street Project, former Downtown Development Authority Director and before that Planning Director Jennifer Goulet took a job in Chelsea while former Planning & Development Director Megan Gibb left for Portland, Oregon.

The press release failed to note that two other managers have also left the city, the former HR director Bill Johnstone parted ways before his probation period was up and City Clerk Cherry Lawson, who is currently suing the city, took a job in Sedona, Arizona. While not a manager, long time City Assessor Carole Claire, also retired this year.

Bruner noted that the pay bump would be about $30,000, over his current Ypsilanti salary of $64,000 per year, plus benefits. Bruner said earlier that he had not yet been contacted about a schedule for interviews with Ferndale. Ferndale is expected to make a decision within the next month.


At November 22, 2006 7:10 PM, Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK, Bob, hope you get the job!

For Ypsi, I hope we further our work on sharing services with neighboring governmenrt units. Our many job openings have given us many chances to begin to really change the way we do our business - but we haven't used them in this way.

This includes both shared staff services and maximizing the use of information and online systems to provide our services in the most cost-effective manner.

Can/should we outsource hiring services? Can/should we rework our Clerk Office and move the labor intensive vote management to the County? Can/should we move forward on use of online forms and payment operations in our Building Dept. Can/should the addition of zoning information on the Assessor property information site make the simple issues of zoning information available, maximizing the time and tasks of our City Planner?

I say Yes to these questions, and I suggest that when we have a job opening, we use that opportunity to make real changes in the way we do business.

We Can and Should use every opportunity to maximize our staff time and information costs.


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